Foundation’s aims

Foundation’s aims:

  1. To popularise socialist ideas within society, particularly amongst youth. To popularise the idea of humanism in social, cultural and economic life
  2. To support the activities of the left in political, social, cultural and professional life.
  3. To initiate cooperation between socialist circles and different currents of the left, with the aim of exerting a real influence on politics in the country.
  4. To support activities that have the aim of creating new progressive political, social and cultural initiatives in the country.
  5. To initiate and lead dialogue on the topic of the future of the left at an international, national and regional level, as well as between generations.
  6. To support the process of building a civil society and social dialogue.
  7. To propagate engagement in professional life, participating in trade unions and promoting a participatory management model.
  8. To take part in activities seeking equality for everyone regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, social background, worldview, religious belief or lack of belief, age, sex or sexual orientation.
  9. Propagating self-management and democratic attitudes in all areas of social life.
  10. Promoting environmental awareness and the idea of sustainable development.


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